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Our Challenge

We love getting interesting a challeging jobs, especially when the client is infectiously passionate about what they are looking for.

Jonny O’Malley was referred to REPTILEHAUS and asked us to build “THE WORLDS FIRST PERSONALISED RAFFLING PLATFORM”.

With a catchy domain name already purchased,, all that was left was to start planning the architecture of how the site would be built.

Within 4 months we had perfected the competition algorithm which powers the site and consists of the following:

  • Raffles last for 15 days, If no winner, it ends and all participants are notified and refunded
  • A person purchases the last ticket in a raffle, we immediately algorithmically select the winner and notify them as well as notify all other participants that they have not won – the raffle stays visible on the site for 48 hours post successful completion
  • User cancelled raffles automatically refund all participants.


Check out our work below.



GoRaffleIt homepage


The Solution

As fond of WordPress as we are it was a given that this would have to built as a bespoke site, we needed to control every component of it such as:

  • User authentication
  • Social authentication
  • Custom Competition algorithm
  • User settings management
  • Highly Transactional email system
  • Secure/monitored hosting
  • Secure payments system
  • Custom administration dashboard giving granular control of payouts/refunds
  • and more…

It was a challenging project all round but both client and REPTILEHAUS are happy with the outcome.

If you are considering having a custom platform developed get in touch 


Custom payment system allowing secure payment with existing cards or using new ones


We have already done a soft launch in November 2018 and we will be re-launching in April 2019 with new features and improvements.

Check out the live site here

Home Blog Project: