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Job Description

Who We Are

REPTILEHAUS is building a team of entrepreneurs and experts in order to scale up our business. In the first step, we look at Europe, but in the long run we are seeking to build a well renowned brand for a worldwide business. This includes having subsidiaries in every bigger city starting with our home-town of Dublin as well as Berlin and Prague. With your help, we want to set up a new technological foundation using a green field approach.

We dont care about degrees here, only what you can do so If your a rockstar developer and self starter get in touch. We want talented above anything else.

We are looking for:

Senior Freelance Web Developers

Who You Are

  • More than 5 years experience in developing scalable web applications.
  • Developed front- and backend and maintained the applications afterwards.
  • Expertise in HTML5 and CSS3 is a given. You do this stuff in your sleep and even better when your eyes are open.
  • You can knock up a WordPress website with minimal thought.
  • Profound experience in at least one of the following languages: PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C#.
  • You know one of these Frameworks :AngularJS, Angular 5, Laravel.
  • Very good understanding of relational databases like MySQL as well as NoSQL like MongoDB and Firebase. experience with key-value-stores like Redis would be cool.
  • Knowledge on the ins and outs of git, unit and integration testing, Jenkins and deployment managers (e.g. Capistrano).
  • Comfortable in dealing with at least one of the following technologies: ElasticSearch, Varnish, Docker, Puppet, ELK.
  • LAMP is something you don’t expect light coming out of it but you can set it up in no time and similarly being MEAN is not how you feel when your angry.
  • You know that scaling doesn’t only depend on the system but mostly on the programming style.
  • You are familiar with IP addresses, network masks, DNS and also firewalls.  Experience with Penetration Testing and Machine Learning would be a plus.
  • You are a go to person, who is motivated to deliver great functionality to users and you know what “pragmatic” means.

What You Do

  • Work within an agile environment where everybody works on their own, You absolutely do not need to be told what to do but are a team player.
  •  Build up the whole IT landscape from scratch.
  •  Design the development and deployment process and live it.
  •  Haggle with your technical PO about solution approaches and estimates.
  •  Help to write stories and implement them.
  •  Code great features, make sure they are tested and meet the quality guidelines.
  •  Manage the code base as well as the underlying infrastructure in a DevOps approach – You build it, you run it!

What We Offer

  • We are easygoing, humble people and we love to create a work environment where everybody feels comfortable.
  • You will be faced with technical challenges on a daily basis. We want to build innovative products and we want you to build them with us.
  • You have your say. We need your experience and we are willing to listen.
  • Say goodbye to agency hours! We also like to spend time with our families and friends.
  • Competitive compensation for good performance.

Get in Touch

If you can see yourself as one of our Senior Freelance Web developers, please get in touch with us by sending either your Stackoverflow/Github as well as a link to your Linkedin/XING and finally a link to your personal website or other portfolio if you have one to hello@reptilehaus.io.

DO NOT send a CV or document. We don’t open attachments for security reasons and we can get all the info we need from the links you provided.

Were always looking for top talent to work with. If any of these openings below interest you get in touch.

If you know someone who would be perfect, let them know were lookin' for them.