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Poochie App is a lot of things.

It has the familiar concept seen on various datings apps of swipable cards, swipe left to pass, swipe right to like – if that user swipes right on you then you can chat to one another.

With that being said Poochie is not necessarily a dating app !

First and formost Poochie is about connecting people who love their Pets and also people who just like animals.

Poochie features a global timeline where anyone can post a status update, whether if be a photo or just saying “hey! what up, this is me an my Pooch” or just a status update to say “Anyone wanna walk the dogs in Portobello” – you can browse from people close by or people in Timbuktu if you wish.

The goal of Poochie is to connect people (and their Poochie’s) both near and far.

Right now Poochie is only available for iOS ! But we are incredibly invested in this project so if it is a success we will release an Android version ASAP.

Poochie App is 100% Irish made ( in Žižkov, České republiky ) by Paddy O’Sullivan at REPTILEHAUS, the digital agency

REPTILEHAUS Ireland, Germany Czechia Freelance Web Development and Managed Hosting - Poochie App

Whats Poochie About

Whats Poochie About

Unlike our other projects Poochie was not developed for a client.

It is a project built by REPTILEHAUS for REPTILEHAUS, for fun and hopefully people will get a kick out of it or find it useful.

It was developed and launched during the COVID lockdown of 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic by REPTILEHAUS CTO Patrick O’Sullivan although the idea for Poochie came long before that, having lived in both Berlin and Prague its very clear that these are both very dog friendly cities where you can even bring your dog to a restaurant so long as the Pooch is well behaved, with that, it was decided that the world needs another social network but this time focused around pets and their owners and how to connect both species under a common interest which of course is meeting other humans and other pets.

We developed an app that has the familiar swipe functionality to Tinder but also incorporates a timeline not unlike Instagram or Facebook so we hope that our users find the app intuitive and fun to use.


Find new friends in your hood

Poochie App makes is easy to find people nearby

The aim of Poochie is to be a social network which connects people whom either own a pet or want to know other people who have pets.

The swipable cards can be used to find people and their animals who you think might be cool, if you like the look of them then swipe left and hopefully you get a match and can begin talking, our chat based system also incorporates Giphy so if like me you enjoy communicating purely in animated Gifs weve got you covered.

Dont forget to stop by the timeline, which will show you all the latest posts from our Poochie Family – right now its global, you dont need to follow or friend anyone – however we are interested to hear how people want to use this, do you only want to see people nearby ? people who you friended ? etc

Please use the in-app support chat to tell us what features you want in the app and we will do our best to add them in 🙂

€€€ +353-86-024-2110 Haymarket Square, Smithfield, Dublin


Poochie App v1 Features

  • Social Registration
  • Tinder like Swipable Cards
  • Geolocate People nearby
  • Profile for you and your pet
  • Push notifications
  • Realtime chat + Giphy messages
  • Timeline
  • Post status updates
  • Checkin to places
  • User account settings
  • Report, Block and Ban users

Poochie Coin

Poochie Coin

Our next phase is to incorporate a Cryptocurrency aspect to provoke gamification of the Poochie platform, but of course the app will work without people having to take part in this,

This Cryptocurrency is more precisely an ERC20 standard token which lives on an Ethereum Protocol compliant side-chain

The hope is that this will be powered by a Proof-of-Reputation consensus system which will underly a number of similar apps which we, here at REPTILEHAUS, want to begin launching.

Each app will have its own ERC20 Token which can be interchangeably swapped via means of an atomic swap gateway, we hope will give it an inherent value across all of our social apps and with a bit of luck develop a cult following

For crypto extremists please note that we are not so invested in the idea of decentralisation so nothing will operate with the promise of a decentralised network architecture otherwise the easy adoption of using our apps would not be possible, instead we want to offer an easy onboarding solution to the ideology of tokenised assets, private keys, atomic swaps etc.