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iOS / Android

At REPTILEHAUS we strive to build awesome user-centric Android, iPhone and iPad applications apps using the Material Design Guidelines and design tools provided by Google as well as custom rolled designs.

We develop apps with the most scalable and testable App and backend Architecture paradigms whilst adhering to the devices Human Interface Guidelines.

Using Ionic Framework for building all of our Applications allows us the added benefit of a more cost efficient Development cycle and shortens the overall time to market for your idea, also ongoing maintenance is vastly improved because the app is built using 1 codebase that serves all platforms rather than native which would require a totally separate codebase for each platform.


  • Firebase
  • FeathersJS
  • Ionic 3
  • Angular 5
  • AngularFire 3
  • Material Design
  • Building custom API's
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • Multi Platform Development


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Whether we’re building large, data-driven B2B web apps or simple and intuitive mobile apps, we take a user-centric approach to building products that provide value to users and businesses. We solve problems through clean and thoughtful UI/UX.

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REPTILEHAUS Ireland, Germany Czechia Freelance Web Development and Managed Hosting - Lets Talk
REPTILEHAUS Ireland, Germany Czechia Freelance Web Development and Managed Hosting - Lets Talk
€€€ +353-86-024-2110 Haymarket Square, Smithfield, Dublin


So you have an idea for an App and decide to work with REPTILEHAUS as your development partner. Fantastic!

But first we want to impart some advice and that is the hard and sad truth about apps (and some websites) is that the original idea rarely survives its first brush with users in the real world, and the path paved to its launch is usually marred by investing too many resources, for far too much time, into some features that your apps audience wont actually use or add very little value to the product.

We advice all of our partners to scale back the original idea to its core values and features, the stuff that really matters, this is your MVP, a minimal viable “mobile app” product

This is also your fastest way to market and also the least complex way, we can monitor how people respond to certain features and maybe scale back on some as well as add new ones on top to really flesh out your idea without flushing money down the drain on a product that might need lots of iterations to hit that growth curve we all hope for.

  • You tell us about your project
  • We schedule a call to discuss all the details
  • We sign a suitable Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • We come up with a development proposal
  • We decide on the MVP specs and start building it
  • Up to €10k to have your Mobile MVP up and running
  • 6 to 10 weeks for a designed, coded and tested MVP
  • Continuous assistance​ in testing & development