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Blockchain empowered applications

We are a development agency that can provide adoption, integration and realization of decentralized applications (dApp’s) as well as their infrastructure. Our primary focus is helping businesses use Ethereum based chains and their eco-system to power next generation business interactions with smart contracts, decentralization, secure data storage and military grade encryption enabled via P2P protocols.

At REPTILEHAUS we are proud to be Irelands first Digital Agency to offer a whole suite of end-to-end project lifecycle solutions for businesses and startups. We will work with you to define the bulletproof scenarios for blockchain technology utilization to strengthen your competitive advantages.

JPMorganChase, Ford, Coral Health, Disney, VISA, and Columbia Records are implementing distributed technologies already; The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have launched a private blockchain and cryptocurrency called “Learning Coin” and Leading French bank, Societe Generale, has issued the first covered bond worth €100 million as a security token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain is not disruptive technology, we are already being disrupted by it now.

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Blockchain Consultancy

We provide strategic advice on the successful employment of Blockchain technology to improve your business success rate and to maximize its outcome.

Private Blockchain Development

Source a Blockchain developer from us and leverage our skillful expertise to validate your business idea and build a Blockchain wallet application to meet your business’ specific objectives and needs.

Decentralised Blockchain DApp Development

Our team endeavors to bring the groundbreaking aspects of state-of- the art technologies like Blockchain to build powerful decentralized applications.

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Blockchain technology in your industry

According to Forbes, blockchain is one of the top tech trends to watch in 2018.

When people mention Blockchain in Ireland or anywhere – their first response is usually related to crypto or Bitcoin – but Blockchain use cases go far beyond cryptocurrency, and the technology is already transforming the way the financial industry does business.

Everyone from the big banks and corporate giants to small startups are finding the surprising ways distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) can help them grow.

Legal services, Supply chain, International money transfers, food production, and a ton of other industries are already being disrupted and transformed by blockchain.

Below, we’ll look at some of the more surprising ways this technology might be used, and some real-life applications that are already making waves.

Blockchain will change democracy across the globe, transform the healthcare sector allowing doctors and hospitals to share records securely and instantly, providing refugees in desolate camps with no identity a new form of identity backed and secured by DLT.

Blockchain in Ireland is starting to become the buzz word of 2018 – and our Blockchain Agency in Dublin wants to be on the forefront of this innovation. Blockchain technologies are driving disruption in multiple industries,  take a look at a couple of them we put together below:

  • Insurance
  • Voting
  • Military/Government/Welfare Records
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Media and entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Banking and fintech
  • Retail & e-commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Logistics
  • Supply chain management
  • Travel
  • Human resources
  • Digital advertising
  • Pharma
  • Instant, cross-border payments
  • e-Sports and Gambling

POC Development

Our team will build all-inclusive mock-ups to test your idea with real-life business scenarios to test functionalities and identify gaps of the project.

Smart Contract Development

We provide smart contract development and full stack Blockchain development service includes, exchange platforms, smart contract management platforms and secure eWallet apps for Web and mobile.
We will advise you on the best type of contract to meet your needs

ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, ERC725, ERC777 etc

Smart Contract Audit

We have multiple well known and regarded partners within the security industry – We provide initial static analysis but ultimately we enlist the services of our testing partners who have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in this domain.

Technical Partner

    €€€ +353-86-024-2110 Haymarket Square, Smithfield, Dublin


    Whether you are looking to implement a distributed ledger technology into your organisations Supply Chain, build a de-centralized cryptocurrency exchange, create the next ERC721 token backed game like the hugely successful Crypto Kitties or just add a payment gateway to your e-commerce website to start accepting Ether, Bitcoin or your own ERC/EIP token we would love to hear from you and brainstorm your idea.

    Or maybe you are planning to conduct an ICO, IEO or STO and need to talk to some experienced team who have already been there. Then get in touch.

    At REPTILEHAUS we can help advise and build these kind of bespoke solutions.

    • Smart contracts (Solidity)
    • Web3.js Development
    • Ethereum Core Development (Golang)
    • DLT Architecture
    • Decentralised Exchanges
    • Pluggable Consensus Algorithms
    • dApp Architecture/Development
    • Distributed systems architecture
    • dApp Hosting
    • ERC20/ERC223/ERC721/ERC725/ERC777….
    • X.509, PKI, SSL Cryptographic standards.
    • We are Ethereum Infrastructure Experts
    01 / 03

    We have had a great experience working with Paddy from REPTILEHAUS ! He was always willing to accommodate our wishes and went the extra (several) miles to make us and our users happy. The delivery, speed and quality as well as managing to creatively and constructively solve any issues we came across. We developed an iOS and Android app with them and they are also managing the server side of things on Google Cloud Platform

    Michael F. Sprenger


    Still Active Community Stockholm

    Due to the product innovation and the overall growth in our business model we needed a website redesign that reflected this transformation. We wanted to provide more value to our customers while also building our brand personality. Patrick and the REPTILEHAUS team were highly recommended by a member of our team. They spent time understanding our needs and delivered a functionally excellent website that has improved User Experience tenfold. They worked tirelessly with our graphic designer to bring our vision and brand tone voice to life. We get compliments daily on how vibrant and easily understood it is.

    Helen Cahill

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Invoice Fair

    I was referred to REPTILEHAUS by a company based in Dublin, I came to them with my idea and they were able to take what I had envisioned on-board very quickly and also explain to me the processes of how we would go about building the website. My project was basically written on the back of a matchstick-box before we chatted and they were able to give me a clear idea of what was needed to be done before, during and towards the end of the development cycle. We continue to work together as my project grows and in the mean time I have also recommended REPTILEHAUS to a number of colleagues.

    Jonny O'Malley


    Go Raffle It - the worlds first personalised raffle platform

    We have been using REPTILEHAUS as our web hosting provider for 3+ years and found their support to be unparalleled, contactable at all times and very knowledgable with regard to keeping our sites performance at its best.

    Aisling O'Callaghan

    Senior Marketing Executive

    Mobileum Global telecom security solutions needed support with the creation of our new website, which had to reflect more the overall essence of our product. We hired Patrick @REPTILEHAUS to work internally in our Berlin studio to coordinate design, implementation and hosting closely with him, which worked very well. REPTILEHAUS support and maintenance over the past 3 years has been very responsive and fast with issue resolution and creative approaches to problem solving. We highly recommend working with them.

    Alexander Kong

    Chief Technical Officer GMBH

    I have had the pleasure of working with REPTILEHAUS since 2015 and have found them extremely professional and responsive to work with. They manage our website on an ongoing basis make sure it's maintained and that its performance is optimized at all times. I look forward to working with them in the future.

    Oliver Finn

    Chief Marketing Officer

    iQuate - Global IT Operations & Service Management

    REPTILEHAUS have become more like an extension of our studio than "just freelancers". They get that design is our number one priority and deliver sites that quite literally, pixel perfectly match our design files. While sometimes we give what seems like impossible development tasks, they somehow always manage to pull it off without any stress, on time and always on budget. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. You need to work with them!

    Aileen Cox


    Sweet! - Design Studio

    €€€ +353-86-024-2110 Haymarket Square, Smithfield, Dublin



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