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Ethical Hacking

REPTILEHAUS unique selling point when weighing us up against other agencies is the fact that we spend a lot of time carrying out activities such as Reverse Engineering Malware, Testing web facing appliances for security vulnerabilities, scanning networks to find weakspots and using Burp against websites to see whats being sent over-the-wire. Put simply we enjoy hacking, but always Ethically and with permission. This practice is know as Penetration Testing or Pentesting. If you are a security conscious organisation or Government body looking for a development partner for your next Website then we are the ideal candidate all wrapped up in one.

If youre a customer of our Hosting then you get regular Penetration tests for free but we also offer it as a standalone service.


Penetration Testing

We offer multiple levels of Penetration testing, our primary domain is Web Application bug hunting whereby we prod and probe any part of your Website or App for any possible weakness; scanning, exploiting, checking public vulnerabilities, software versions, crafting HTTP payloads, Broken Authentication, Cross site scripting etc.. etc.

We search for anything which may give us an insight to how the underlying technology is working and processing information so that we can create a payload to give us the response we are looking for or hopefully the holy grail. Remote code execution on your server and full compromise.

Each individual job is dealt with on a case by case basis. Depending on the requirements, REPTILEHAUS also makes an external team of International Penetration Testers. For more information get in touch!

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Security Audit

Our Security Audits have been a service that has been created due to public demand, generated by curious clients.

Think of this as a lesser form of Penetration Test whereby we scope out absolutely everything we can about your organisation and its weaknesses using our own in house tooling. We can search for your corporate production/development servers, See what DNS information you are leaking, See if there have been any data dumps by black hat hackers related to your org, check to see if your servers are easily accessible by hackers and more, find people related to your organisation, search your publicly available Github repositories for credentials (very common before you laugh), do a basic brute force your websites/login areas and much much more.

For more information get in touch!

We offer a security audit for your digital assets.
We can do a basic penetration test on your website or app.



If you are currently not talking about GDPR and you run or manage websites and Databases you should probably start paying attention because as of May 2018 you may be in breach of the new EU Data Protection Regulations.

The first task you should undertake is to make sure that you are indeed doing everything you can to make sure that peoples data on your servers is safe, rather than easy pickings for any drive by hacker.

We can help with that.

GDPR Compliancy Digital Agency Dublin
GDPR Compliancy Digital Agency Dublin
GDPR Compliancy
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