Marketing and Sales Intern wanted in Prague Czech Republic
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* This role is based in Prague, Czech Republic  *

What’s the role?

We are searching for high performing junior candidates for our Prague Internship who will be responsible for 4 areas but keeping in mind that although we are a digital agency we operate very much so with a startup mentality so you will learn a lot and you will wear many hats but your core areas will be owning the following: Digital Marketing strategy, Online enhancement, Sales and lead generation mixed with a dash of spreading branding awareness through communication activities.


We are a small boutique digital agency with big ideas serving clients globally.

We are a unique agency in that all of our activities are done remotely. We need an intern who is natural when it comes to spreading brand awareness, contacting decision makers to see if they would be interested in working with us as well as giving your input on how to drive the business forward.

Up until now REPTILEHAUS has been a solely technical company, we have never had a dedicated Marketing and Sales person so there is a massive scope to own this role and make a real difference.

If you make a difference then full time employment is a certainty, potentially co-founder position depending on the difference you make 🙂

We have high ambitions, we are looking to expand, REPTILEHAUS is a unique and great place to show your worth, step up to new challenges and grow your career.

Marketing and Sales Intern wanted in Prague Czech Republic

What does the role involve ?

  • Be a Business Partner
  • Acts as strategic business development executive contacting new and old clients
  • Act as a Challenger on both business and sales processes
  • Act as a change agent – provoke and effectively lead change within the company – We want to focus on technology, research and development and you steer the ship.

Be a Leader

  • Direct leadership. Be outspoken. Be passionate.
  • Run target setting and evaluation, Development discussion on regular basis for direct reports
  • Be able to communicate in an effective manner, get a message across a simple and understandable way
  • Marketing and / or sales function and effective deploy marketing and sales resources

Be an Expert (or become one)

  • Specialisation in the field of Marketing / Strategy / Sales steering
  • Digital Marketing Experience
  • Basic understanding of what REPTILEHAUS does and that you can be a change maker.
  • Effective understanding of at least one or all of the following SEO, Facebook / Google Ads, SEMrush, Service to Customers, Branding, Social Media Management, Blogging, Sales and Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Client Management, Experience with Photoshop / Illustrator / Sketch Programming in HTML / CSS

What You Need Is

  • University degrees are cool – but not necessary here. We hold more value if you are passionate.
  • Experience in Digital Marketing (either professional or personal)
  • Strategic and Conceptual Thinking (The Most Important Attribute We Seek)
  • Fast learner (Move fast and break things and know how to put them back together again)

This is an unpaid internship.

Having a dedicated marketing and sales executive is a new ground for us and we want to test it out to see if it is a direction that will benefit rather than our current strategy which is word of mouth (which works, but we want growth), however, for positive results appropriate remuneration will be given and the aforementioned potential for full time position.

A successful candidate will be results driven as we are and will be rewarded.

Home Blog Marketing and Sales Intern wanted in Prague Czech Republic