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Cyber Security


We operate with security and privacy to the forefront which gives us a distinct advantage over almost every other digital agency in Dublin as this is one area where we truly shine.

We started out as an offensive security company which slowly transformed into a development company.

We have always paid special attention to web and mobile application vulnerabilities and we keep our ears very low to the ground, so low in fact that when we hear or read of any kind of hack we usually create our own in-HAUS patch before the official ones are released.

Reverse Engineering

We have carried out reverse engineering of mobile applications for Human Rights Watchdogs and revered cyber security companies globally.

Website and App Audits

Our ethos has always been to architect it, build it, hack it !

Our ideal client engagement is where we are tasked with not only building the application but consistently allowed to hunt for any bugs which might crop up in production.

Physical Pentesting

If you are a large corporation, secure facility or care deeply about privacy you have probably invested heavily in your on-premise security, monitoring, staff education and infrastructure.

With such time and investment in securing your perimeter it means nothing if you become complacent and assume that unauthorised access cannot or will not happen.

Our physical pentest involves a small team of professionals trying to map out any potential vulnerabilities in your hardware, staff or network – in short we will look at the entire potential attack surface and try to find a weak link by all means necessary.

The bad guys don’t play by the rules so it is important that this kind of test is carried out as an adversarial would.

We always work ethically and stop at the point of identifying any kind of potential sensitive data exfiltration (or other agreed upon parameters for termination of the engagement).

For more information on how REPTILEHAUS can assist you and your organisation, get in touch.

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