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Our Work

App Development

We are delighted to introduce the Still Active App which is our latest project build for the over 65 community in Stockholm, Sweden

Deliverables were ready after 4.5 months allowing us to simultaneously release a full suite of iOS and Android applications to their respective stores and we are very happy with how it has been received by its users.

The app has a full featured messaging system, push notifications, Geo location for finding events near you as well as full social networking features. #EngineeringInnovation

  • iOS and Android apps

  • Realtime chat messaging with push notifications

  • Full featured social network

  • Geolocated events

  • Bespoke comment system

  • Multi-language (English & Swedish)

Digital Agency


We have been building sites since the dot-com bubble, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

As a full service Digital Agency it is our mission to create a professional look and feel for your brand and while visuals are great, it means nothing if the underlying code is not written with performance in mind.  Our sites are built to be high performance and beautiful on any device as standard.

  • Professional look and feel

  • Über fast loading pages

  • Optimised for search engines

  • Responsive on all devices

  • Secure by design

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Bespoke Wordpress web design and development
Award winning web development agency dublin
Bespoke beautiful websites.
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We have had a great experience working with Paddy from REPTILEHAUS ! He was always willing to accommodate our wishes and went the extra (several) miles to make us and our users happy. The delivery, speed and quality as well as managing to creatively and constructively solve any issues we came across. We developed an iOS and Android app with them and they are also managing the server side of things on Google Cloud Platform

Michael F. Sprenger


Still Active Community Stockholm

Due to the product innovation and the overall growth in our business model we needed a website redesign that reflected this transformation. We wanted to provide more value to our customers while also building our brand personality. Patrick and the REPTILEHAUS team were highly recommended by a member of our team. They spent time understanding our needs and delivered a functionally excellent website that has improved User Experience tenfold. They worked tirelessly with our graphic designer to bring our vision and brand tone voice to life. We get compliments daily on how vibrant and easily understood it is.

Helen Cahill

Co-Founder & CEO

Invoice Fair

I was referred to REPTILEHAUS by a company based in Dublin, I came to them with my idea and they were able to take what I had envisioned on-board very quickly and also explain to me the processes of how we would go about building the website. My project was basically written on the back of a matchstick-box before we chatted and they were able to give me a clear idea of what was needed to be done before, during and towards the end of the development cycle. We continue to work together as my project grows and in the mean time I have also recommended REPTILEHAUS to a number of colleagues.

Jonny O'Malley


Go Raffle It - the worlds first personalised raffle platform

We have been using REPTILEHAUS as our web hosting provider for 3+ years and found their support to be unparalleled, contactable at all times and very knowledgable with regard to keeping our sites performance at its best.

Aisling O'Callaghan

Senior Marketing Executive

Mobileum Global telecom security solutions

Styla.com needed support with the creation of our new website, which had to reflect more the overall essence of our product. We hired Patrick @REPTILEHAUS to work internally in our Berlin studio to coordinate design, implementation and hosting closely with him, which worked very well. REPTILEHAUS support and maintenance over the past 3 years has been very responsive and fast with issue resolution and creative approaches to problem solving. We highly recommend working with them.

Alexander Kong

Chief Technical Officer

Styla.com GMBH

I have had the pleasure of working with REPTILEHAUS since 2015 and have found them extremely professional and responsive to work with. They manage our website on an ongoing basis make sure it's maintained and that its performance is optimized at all times. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Oliver Finn

Chief Marketing Officer

iQuate - Global IT Operations & Service Management

REPTILEHAUS have become more like an extension of our studio than "just freelancers". They get that design is our number one priority and deliver sites that quite literally, pixel perfectly match our design files. While sometimes we give what seems like impossible development tasks, they somehow always manage to pull it off without any stress, on time and always on budget. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. You need to work with them!

Aileen Cox


Sweet! - Design Studio



We are the only Digital Agency in Dublin who offer security first approach to development including Penetration testing as a value added service.

It is our unique approach and methodology which has positioned us as the number one development partner for projects which demand a high level of security or banking grade encryption standards for personal data

  • Web Application security audits

  • iOS/Android App security audits

  • Infrastructure audits

  • GDPR compliancy advice

Digital Agency - Secure Web Development in Dublin
Digital Agency Dublin - Freelance Penetration Testing Dublin
Secure by Design

Our Work

Our Work

We are delighted to have built what is now known as the worlds first personalised raffling platform, GoRaffleIt.com.

It took us 4 months to design, architect and build this powerhouse of a website which allows registered members to put items, events or offers up for raffle. People then share and take part and after 14 days the winner is chosen by our competition algorithm™ and all proceeds securely transferred to their account and like wise if all tickets are not sold within 14 days each person gets refunded and the raffle ends. #EngineeringInnovation

  • Secure payments and refunds

  • Bespoke CMS build

  • Custom competition algorithm

  • Membership platform + social login

  • High velocity transactional email system

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We develop all of our mobile applications for iOS/Android using Ionic 4 in tandem with various backend systems and Databases. We prefer to build using Hybrid over Native for a number of important reasons:




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Hybrid apps that humm..



At REPTILEHAUS we pride ourselves on being the first Digital Agency in Ireland to provide end-to-end project lifecycle solutions for Blockchain startups at home and abroad.

We began our Blockchain journey with technical partnership with Aerum Technology in based in Singapore. REPTILEHAUS was instrumental in the design and architecture of their BIP32 hierarchical deterministic cryptocurrency wallet as well as architecting the bootstrap and planned future decentralised network infrastructure.

We modified and developed upon Ethereum core source code to create the original Aerum consensus algorithm powered by smart contracts based on the Ethereum mainnet making use of its hash power to secure it from Sybil/51% takeover Attacks as well as creating transactional gateways capable of processing 1000+ transactions every 3 seconds! We were also heavily involved at C-suite management level in fundraising tours and conference speaking across the US, Asia and Europe during ICO and IEO.

Need a blockchain partner who has weathered all aspects of the storm ? Our deliverables and offerings in the field range from Token Advisory, Blockchain Development, ICO Landing Pages, Smart Contract Development, dApp Architecture and of course Blockchain Infrastructure solutions.


Technical Partner



    We offer speciality premium hosting packages for our clients all backed by SLA. We put special emphasis on security and performance, our server environments are our secret sauce and when a client comes to us with a slow site we love seeing their reaction when they report how it comes back to life with über fast load times. Especially important for e-commerce. Some of the reasons why you might consider making the move to our secure managed hosting are:

    • Regular Security and Monitoring

    • Better Performance for Better Business

    • Offsite Cold Storage Backup and Restore

    • Staging Servers for Safe Testing and Updates

    • Automatic CMS, Plugin, Theme, Package and/or Vendor Updates

    • Fast Response Customer Service and Issue Resolution Time

    • Peace Of Mind

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