Our Prague HQ is now based at the Institute of Cryptoanarchy – Paralelní Polis

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Ahoj přátelé / Hello friends

We are excited to announce that after a couple of months with no fixed Prague HQ we have now settled in a location in downtown Holešovice.

We spent the previous three months working from various locations, both in-and-around our new location, which has served us well

We’ve made great connections (plus websites and a ton of research), but we couldn’t be more excited about our new spot.

Having previously been based at a Blockchain related co-working space in Karlin we decided we needed somewhere with a similar ideology i.e Blockchain related startups.

However we needed something more, we are not solely a Blockchain agency,

We needed somewhere that not only incorporates Blockchain but also infuses our passion for infosec, development and ethical hacking.

With that in mind – there was only one place for us to be based in Praha – and quite possibly all of Europe – that place is a little place called…

Our Prague HQ is now based at the Institute of Cryptoanarchy - Paralelní Polis

It may come a surprise but we also now occasionally do meme’s..

O.K – so its not Aspen and I’ve never been there, but Im sure Holešovice is just as nice – If you are looking for your friendly neighbourhood REPTILE, look no further than Prague’s official Institute of Cryptoanarchy Paralelní Polis

Don’t let the title scare you – the people here are all good folks – their ideology is simple, there is to be a better way to run a society and govern it with fairness and equality being integral components – and part of that is that there is an alternative to the banking sector with its government controlled and monopolised fiat currency.

Whats even more appealing with Paralelní Polis is their affiliation with Czech artist collective and activist group, Ztohoven

who have pulled many impressive pranks over the years

Including one that made international news when they interrupting Czech national television one morning showing a scene of the picturesque Krkonose Mountains which then, to the surprise of early morning TV viewers, proceeded to show a white flash and a realistic nuclear blast…

but I’ll let you read about that here or watch below.

Without going into too much detail

This modern, high-tech hub has become a place for makers, hackers, activists, free thinkers and, of course, crypto aficionados all around the world – in short, all the things which we love and what make for a very interesting daily office space are all here under one roof.

Whats even more interesting about Paralelní Polis is that that you cannot use fiat A.K.A normal currency such as Euros, Dollars or even Koruna Česká

If you want to buy a coffee, a piece of cake, a cool Satoshi poster, or beer then you must do so with Bitcoin or Litecoin – we even have to pay the rent each month in cryptocurrency.

If you want to check out the cafe or need some help getting crypto – which is pretty easy as they have a General Bytes crypto ATM – then get in touch or even if you’re in the area, feel free to stop in and say hi!


PS:  We are also crypto friendly and accept payment in all major cryptocurrency: Monero, Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin, Zcoin.


Our new address is Paralelní Polis – Dělnická 475/43, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice @ PaperHub