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Our Challenge

Styla is a really cool and dare I say it “Stylish” content commerce solution that enables content producers, usually e-commerce, to create funky magazine type layouts borrowing its creative miss-match style from print magazines.

They are a vibrant international startup based in Berlin which is where our CTO Paddy became involved with them.

Initially they had a website that was created using October CMS, they were not happy with how that particular CMS functioned and felt that a migration to WordPress would be more appropriate due to their teams familiarity with it and ease of use.

So after having successfully completed the re-structure of the site, data/content migration over to a WordPress some months passed and Styla got back in touch to say that they are going to re-vamp and re-design their Website and that they would like REPTILEHAUS to come to Berlin and work on the project internally alongside their design, creative and marketing team… and so we did.

Initially it was a tricky job in that they had the new website that was in WordPress but they also had a legacy blog on the subdomain – the first task was to get both blog and main site on the same top level domain.

For this first task we had to do some server side Nginx trickery so that we could have 2 instances of WordPress running on the same top level domain. we wrote some Nginx rewrites and proxied requests depending on what instance they needed to access – this essentially meant that we had 2 wp-admin areas, this was a temporary solution while we worked on building the new site but it worked well.

We then decided to re-write the purchased theme into a totally custom new theme and integrated it seamlessly with the new main site so that everything came under the one WordPress instance.

Once that was done it was just a matter of building out the pages according to the designs provided by them, there was some nice CSS animations and flowing parallax elements but overall it was a nice minimal website to build and we had a blast working on the job as well as playing with their Office dogs (a ton of Club Mate was consumed).

Check out our work below.

Project: Content Commerce

Styla’s homepage with Parallax floating elements


Project: Content Commerce

One of the product landing pages with nice scroll animation of the screens


Project: Content Commerce

Client showcase page


Project: Content Commerce

The finished blog page migrated from subdomain to its new home on the top level styla domain

The Solution

The deliverables from start to finish were Migrating the existing October CMS main site to WordPress, Then move the subdomain blog to the top level domain and from there on it was a matter of creating a free flowing, styling and minimalistic theme that shows what their cool startup was all about.

We also provided our enterprise level AWS-based hosting plan (platinum+ package) for 3+ years – thanks for choosing us Styla, it was a pleasure.

Check out the live site here

If you are considering having a custom template developed get in touch 

Home Blog Project: Content Commerce