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Aerum Protocol – Next-gen Blockchain protocol and payment gateway infrastructure

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Aerum technologies is a fin-tech and digital identity startup based in Prague, Czech Republic.


Their mission is to provide fast secure transactions and tokenisation of assets using Blockchain technology.

Aerum network would be bootstrapped by the team but the end goal is to have the network be ran by various business entities who pass KYC and also any person who wished to run their own node to earn XRM utility token, an ERC20 standard token/cryptocurrency.


Aerum’s initial plan was to be a decentralised public network where anyone could run a node.

The very nature of decentralisation means that there is no standard login process with email passwords etc, with this in mind we built a digital crypto wallet application with an authentication system powered by public/private key infrastructure. In 2018 the vision of Aerum was that of a bold one, Ethereum is a slow network that suffers from vast fluctuations in gas fees was well as transaction waiting times, we built an infrastructure which was capable of providing free transactions as well as 3 second transactions aside from the deliverables there our R&D efforts produced some very interesting side projects one which we are quite proud of is our transaction gateway node that is capable of pushing 10,000 transactions every 6 seconds, this was pre layer 2 Ethereum scaling so it truly broke the mould.

Aerum’s bootstrap network was built on top of amazon AWS using a host of technologies and protocols namely Golang, Docker and Ethereum/P2P protocol, We made extensive modifications and improvements to the Ethereum core codebase including a new consensus algorithm.

Since 2019 Aerum has now rebranded to be FCH Networks.

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