Artificial Intelligence

Deep learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is very exciting stuff, this is a new field of study which we are playing around with and have already developed some interesting proof of concepts which we hope to put into production grade projects in the future.

With enough data we can train our models to estimate and make predictions on just about anything we can deploy onto an ARM device with a camera to see if a person makes a certain kind of hand signal, we can create a live camera feed checker to ensure people are observing social distancing in enclosed spaces as well as more generalised categorisation on vast datasets.


Biometric and Facial recognition systems are very in-vogue since COVID19, with machine learning it is possible to build an AI model which can aid any remote KYC process such as identify if the person on front of the camera is the same person on their Identity card photo

The same learning model can be applied to Airport security checks where you stop on front of a camera and it scans your face while a human security officer verifies the data.

Content Moderation

We can deploy an machine learning algorithm to check if users are uploading photos of cats or if they have uploaded some kind of NSFW image, this can save you an awful lot of time on administration especially if you have a social network application that allows anyone to sign up and you have to manually approve each image

Customer habits

If you have a lot of historical data AI can help to differentiate between your customers habits in the past and make some potential predictions about how they may shop in the coming months and years, this kind of predictions can be of great value to the retail sector in gaining a new kind of intelligent customer insight.


AI can be used in the information security space in a countless ways, from analysing server log files watching for potential adversarial requests and then learning what these requests look like and building an appropriate response to watching how the latest APT groups are spreading their malware and making predictions on their next move. Its an exciting space.

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Engineering innovation

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