IoT is another of our high-tech areas of expertise. If a client comes to us with a project that requires merging the physical world with the digital we embrace it with all of our creativity to ensure that the experience is as seamless as possible for the end user.

Smart Devices / Smarter Solutions

The area of IoT is so diverse that it is not possible for us to cover the services we offer in full, however, we do a lot of projects that are of the ilk of  “If this, then that” for instance if some action happens like a sensor of some sort is triggered, be it temperature/motion/light or other, then a motor will switch on to complete some other task which can be a chain of tasks based on one condition being met.

Biometrics is also another area we work within such things as facial recognition or comparison powered by Artificial Intelligence and running on camera enabled ARM chips, as well as various work using RFID chips both internal biometric implants and regular basic cards.

Smart Home Automation

Having an internet connected home gives you a lot of modern conveniences that not even the Jetsons could have dreamed of. Have you lights switch on when they detect you are 1m from your front door, ensure the hoover begins to clean just after you leave, mood lighting depending on what song is playing or what is happening during a movie.

There is a whole new world of possibilities open to solve the mundane tasks and we can help with integrations and custom electrical engineering.

Interactive Visuals

Interactive environments, digital kiosks, and other forms of installations engage consumers with innovation, scale and limitless possibilities of surprise and delight – especially when coupled with sensors and data connectivity. Brand affinity and emotional connections can be brilliantly crafted through clever applications of touch, visuals and colour. Creating interactive experiences that grab consumers in the physical world. Truly interactive installations require thoughtful consideration of the consumer mindset, the physical environment and the overall context by which we attract and engage. We start by answering these questions.


IoT has exploded at a very high pace, so fast that it has not been secured to a reasonable enough degree.

We have seen IoT devices which have been taken control of my Malware such as Mirai effectively turning the device into a zombie – which more often than not could be avoided and especially worrisome if you have an IoT smart home which is now at the behest of an adversarial hacker. If you would like us to perform an audit of your devices get in touch.

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