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Digital Craftsmen

We have been building websites since the dot com era, we have developed our own extensive methodologies, frameworks and strategies honed from years of experience on what works and what does not. We build sites that are robust enough to stand the test of time and we always use the latest technologies to ensure your site is future proof and optimised to perform at the highest level.

We build sites from the ground up meaning we can build whatever kind of website you need be it a boutique site or a social network like Facebook, 3rd party integrations such as payment providers or APIs are also covered.

Content Management

We use a myriad of content management systems depending on each individual clients needs and requirements we even build custom CMS’ for projects when necessary.


The benefit of working with us is that we have in house security specialists. Each site we build undergoes an internal security audit before release to ensure it is stable enough to withstand most modern attacks. Alternatively, If you have an existing website which has been hacked we can restore it as well as do a root cause analysis and remove any vulnerable code that a hacker may have taken advantage of.


We are language and framework agnostic, we can work with whatever technology you require or already have – we build sites using modern open source technologies: PHP 7, NodeJS, Go, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Laravel, Hugo, Drupal… etc


Having a great website is nice, but its worth nothing if people cant find you. SEO is not just about writing content, code has to be carefully structured to ensure that google can find the relevant meta-data fast using rich snippets, SEO can also be considered on the server-side which is why we find tune our custom NGINX webservers for SEO.

We also offer a content creation service geared towards SEO. Once your site is launched its important to keep blogging weekly about relevant subjects within your sector and equally as important to ensure you use the right keywords.

For more information on how REPTILEHAUS can assist you and your organisation, get in touch.

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